nick maloney (niall_of_tara) wrote,
nick maloney

on the stupidity and calous cruilness of man

so today i find that someone on the other team on my boat is a ax murderer or will be, they tested the penetration of a steel fire axe on various things in our crew quarters the fridge, the steel safe, the steel bulkheads both walls and ceiling, a wooden door, and a bed. they mostly used the pearcing pick end save for 4 or 5 good sized bade marks in the wall. as a result of this we can no longer use the crews quarters thanks stupid person. after that there was the normal human stupitity of drunken people save for one real fucker who put their tiny kitten in a freight box, it was in a little cat carrier but thsis is freight its loaded and unloaded by stupid brazillians on forklifts who go fast over bumps and bounce the loads around fucking people, had i not been cleaning dried chunky puke off the walls and floor of the cabin i would have hand carried the poor thing off. really people why also if we have a sign up that says " NO BOOZE SERVED ON THIS TRIP" please don't ask if that includes wine or just assume that beer isn't alchaol and order it anyway after just reading the sign or as you are reading the sign.
thus ends my rant

now i must to bed with me as i have a long drive to go to tomotrrow and a wedding to attent at the end of it glad i'll be having a nice bottle of sailor jerry 92 proof rum with me to see me through. and sorry andrew i don't think i'm going to try and pull the jolite jake look as the black suit coats give me that "big man in a little coat look though i will bring it along with the pants in case i wanna try it so bring that hats just in case.
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