nick maloney (niall_of_tara) wrote,
nick maloney


Well hello all I'm amazed my account still works as it's been over a year since I last logged in. I still here, here on LJ, here in college, here in the near constant state of confusion I have been in for the past 4ish years. Can't really tell you why I'm posting again, I'm sitting in the union computer cluster trying to type away on a paper that, if I fuck up, will end my college career here at umaine and as is normal for me is due tomorrow in about 17 hours and i'm no where close to done. Unlike my old days I'm not slightly drunk(yet), though there is a nice bottle of 10 year old bourbon sitting at home if I wished it. I think I mostly just wanted to start writing and hope that somehow it would jump start the academic mind I keep chained up somewhere in the back of my brain. If I had more time I'd look back over the postings I've made and comment on how I've changed or how I felt about what I was thinking back then, but I'm on a deadline. One thing I do notice is that while you who will be maybe reading with will not see the number of spelling errors I have made you will see that I have at least grasped the concept of punctuation; However, I have by no means mastered it. To show I care you'll have noticed my user pic is now back to the calligraphy of something I do not remember, but which is much more SFW then the woman's nude moving butt, the naked upper half of the asian girl clearly having sex or the rather attractive topless lady running her hands up her body. Since I started this Journal I'm on my 4'th computer, my 4'th car and my 4'th building draw from that what ever you will. I'm sorry to make my returning post so brief I'd really like to go on longer but I think some new ideas are percolating up there so I'll be off to try them out.

Goodbye for now whoever still has me on their lists I'll try not to be gone so long next time.
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