nick maloney (niall_of_tara) wrote,
nick maloney

New computer on the way

So its time I moved in to the new computing world. i have just build and bought a new pc off new egg.

2.4 AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ cooled with copper/aluminum heatsink and 90mm fan
2x 2 gig dual channel ddr 533 pc4200 sticks 4 gigs total
512mb ati radion x 1650pro video card
320gig sata 3gig/sec hard drive
550watt power supply
all to be mounted on a easy to overclock BIOSTAR TA770 A2+ AMD 770 ATX Motherboard

maybe this will all get here before break on the 29th maybe it'll be here when I get back but by the time classes start again i will be rocking the new computer hard core. thank you newegg!
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don't trade it for rent ;-)

NIce! I wish i could afford that kind of equipment..
only cost 550 with shipping, bit more then i would have wanted but it should last me as long as my old computer which was about 6 years. its good enough to keep up for a while and the mobo can handle a lot of overclocking so as long as i keep ahead of the cooling i think this system can pull about a 10-15% increase in processor and ram capacity but i'll need a new PSU