nick maloney (niall_of_tara) wrote,
nick maloney

back in black

alone here at home feeling very sad and lost my family is away in oregon seeing my brother off to school, the pugs are boarded for the week.
"where are the pugs that were barking, where is the warmth of the family, i don't have anytime anymore."
and i will be going to work for the next 3 or 4 days in a row and sleeping on the boat, but the boat is all wrong the carol jean is not for me the energy is messed up not evil or bad but wrong it sets me adrift inside the nights i stay i spend in bars or passed out somewhere on the boat, i don't drink alone i drink with those i like and trust, its all the people i never liked in high school and college rolled in to a crew, about a month to a month and a half left now till the end of the boat run, hope i can stay grounded long enough to make it.
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