nick maloney (niall_of_tara) wrote,
nick maloney

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current feeling

Have you ever loved someone, saw yourself with them in the future, but lost them through your own stupidity? It a horrible feeling and I hope none of you have to know it. I loved her more then I knew, more then I could express then, and I still do. I can't do anything about it cause she found someone who could treat her better then I did and she is happy. I am truly happy for her, but I know that I'll have a empty hole in me for a long time, even if I find a new girl it's not going to be the same. I can wish I'd done things better all I want but none of them are going to matter no amount of wishing will put things back the way they were nor would I want to take her away from who she has.

Well thats me for now.
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